BT3300N 8K 120Hz Ultra High Definition CMOS Image Sensor

The World's First 8K/120p/14bit UHDTV imaging

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  • The World's First 8K/120p UHDTV CMOS image sensor
  • On-chip 14 bit AD converter
  • Low power consumption


  • 8K Professional broadcast camera
  • Medical application camera
  • Wide-area high-end surveillance system camera

Product Introduction

BT3300N is the world’s first 33-megapixels, 8K full-spec. Super Hi-Vision (also known as 8K Ultra High Definition Television conforming to ITU-R Rec. BT.2020) CMOS image sensor.  It offers up to 120 fps at 8K ultra high definition with wide dynamic range, very low noise and low power consumption based on Brookman Technology, Inc. patented CMOS imaging sensor technology. BT3300N provides an 8K outstanding immersive image that it is beyond human eyes for the next generation vision system.



8K image resolution

The next generation 8K UHD (a.k.a. Super Hi-Vision broadcast standard) is 16 times higher than the FULL HD broadcast standard. 


Optical format
Super 35mm
Pixel size
3.2μm x 3.2μm
Total pixels
7936(H) x 4412(V)
Effective pixels
7688(H) x 4328(V)
Pixel type
Pinned 4Trs.
Electronic rolling shutter
ADC resolution
14-bit on-chip
Frame rate
60fps(typ.) and up to 120fps
Output Interface
SLVS 16-Channels (4 data lane/Ch)
Data rate
1Gbps/lane @120fps
Full well capacity
Dynamic range
Dark noise
<7e- @60fps and <8e- @120fps
1.5%@Half saturation
80%@mono (λ=470nm), 70%@color-green (λ=530nm)
Power supply
1.2V, 1.8V, 2.8V and 3.8V
Power consumption
<3.8W @120fps
Package type
816-pin BGA
Monochrome and RGB Bayer
Input clock rate
17.8MHz (typ.)



 BT3300N QE    Q.E.




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