BT200C Full-HD Super High Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor

Low light imaging with FHD, 2/3 Type optical size

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  • Full-HD color imaging under 0.01Lux
  • Rich tonal gradations by 19bit On-chip ADC
  • Japan made


  • Low light imaging camera
  • Surveillance system camera
  • Industrial application camera
  • Medical application camera
  • Scientific measurement camera

Product Introduction

  BT200C is a 2-megapixels (Type 2/3) super high sensitivity CMOS image sensor. It is capable of grabbing high sensitivity color images clearly even in a dark scene under 0.01Lux such as a star-filled night. Brookman Technology’s creative Hyper BitR ADC, using folding integration and Cyclic A/D conversion, is implemented in this chip so that it achieves an image with low temporal noise and wide dynamic range (>78dB @intra-scene). A sensor type is available in both color (Bayer RGB) and monochrome. This chip is suitable for various camera applications which require high sensitivity imaging.



Hyper Bit ADC Technology (Wide Bit Depth Range)



High Sensitivity Field test

Coastal monitoring at Night with BT200C Super High Sensitivity CMOS image sensor

This demo-video has been captured by the BT200C sensor evaluation board. Brookman Technology’s Super High Sensitivity CMOS image sensor.
Location info: Enshu Beach / Nakatajima Sand Dune, Hamamatsu, Japan.



Infrared and Ultra violet Imaging Test


Optical format
2/3 Type
Pixel size
5.0μm x 5.0μm
Total pixels
2256(H) x 1176(V)
Effective pixels
1936(H) x 1096(V)
Pixel type
Pinned 4Trs.
Electronic rolling shutter
Available(V-direction only)
ADC resolution
On-chip 19-bit@30fps
Frame rate
Output interface
4, 8, or 16-data lane LVDS
Data rate
Max. 540Mbps/lane
Full well capacity
450000LSB @30fps(19bit)
Dynamic range
Dark noise
≦1e- (Analog gain 8x)
2.4e- (Analog gain 1x)
4.0V/lux・s (Mono)
2.8V/lux・s (Green)
≦1%@Half saturation
68%@Mono (λ=590nm)
Dark current
≦3e-/pixel/sec @20degree Celsius
Analog gain
1x 2x, 4x, and 8x
Power supply
1.2V, 1.8V, and 3.3V
Power consumption
Package type
256-pin CLGA
Monochrome and Bayer RGB
Input clock rate






Evaluation Camera Kit

This evaluation camera kit can also be used as a measuring camera for research and other scientific experiments.

BT200C Evaluation Kit

BT200C Evaluation Camera kit (BT2C-ECK2)

 only a few left in stock (1~4 Set)

Please contact us for the price.

Evaluation and Demonstration of BT200C image sensor 
Scientific measurements requiring ultra high sensitive and WDR imaging*
*Accurate measurement can be carried out with sensor RAW data of approximately 500,000 grayscale.



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