BT032D VGA CMOS-ToF 3-tap Depth Image Sensor

(ES) Follow the motion with VGA depth sensing eyes


  • High ambient light tolerance by “Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression” technology
  • Accurate dynamic 3D sensing by iToF with Short Pulse Modulation reliably detects and tracks moving objects while suppressing flying pixels
  • Highly flexible sensor operating controls make it easy to built-up a system for any situations. (User and System -friendly)
  • Fast readout time can achieve higher frame rate over 60fps


  • Motion tracking
  • People identification
  • AGV
  • Factory automation
  • Robot vision

Product Introduction

Brookman’s CMOS-ToF depth image sensor BT032D is in preparation for mass production.

Currently we have provided BT008D CMOS-ToF image sensor and its evaluation kit for evaluating Brookman’s CMOS-ToF Depth sensing.

BT008D Depth Image sensor


Depth sensing method
Indirect ToF method with Short pulse modulation
Optical format
1/3 Type
Die size
6.56mm x 6.34mm
Pixel size
7µm x 7µm
Number of pixels
648(H) x 487(V)
ADC resolution
ADC resolution
Max. Frame rate
Acquisition time
up to 24msec(Typ.) @30fps
Readout time
Sensor interface
MIPI CSI-2(subset); 4data and 1clock lanes
CCI(I2C standard) or SPI(Mode3)
Input clock frequency
Output data rate
378Mbps / lane
Output data format
Power supply
Power consumption
Sensor I/O pins

The specifications may be changed in the mass-production version.


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