BT008D QVGA CMOS-ToF 3-tap Depth Image Sensor

The QVGA pixel arrary with fast 3D sensing



  • Accurate dynamic 3D sensing by iToF with Short Pulse Modulation reliably detects and tracks moving objects while suppressing flying pixels
  • High ambient light tolerance by “Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression” technology
  • Highly flexible sensor operating controls make it easy to built-up a system for any situations. (User and System -friendly)
  • Fast readout time can achieve higher frame rate over 60fps


  • AGV, Robot vision
  • Motion gesture analysis
  • People behavior analysis
  • Factory automation
  • Security control

Product Introduction


Captured by BEC80T RED


BT008D is a CMOS-ToF depth image sensor designed for 3D depth sensing based on indirect Time of Flight (iToF) method with short pulse modulation (SPM). Brookman’s innovative multi-tap gating pixel structure and an optimized pixel operation for iToF with SPM achieve high speed and high SNR depth sensing without dynamic motion defects. A QVGA resolution, approximately 80,000 effective pixel points, can be reasonable and well-matched for fast post-processing. In addition, this sensor is equipped with on-chip 12-bit high speed analog to digital converter so that it gets a fast readout time with low temporal noise. MIPI CIS-2 and CCI are adopted to the sensor interface.    



Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression Technology


In-frame True ToF Estimation Method by DALS

Depth Calc.

Q1: Ambient light (Backbround Noise)
Q2: ToF modulation light + Ambient light
Q3: ToF modulation light + Ambient light




Depth Sensing Experiment in Outdoor


by using BEC80T RED (940nm) standard type evaluation camera kit



Multiple ToF depth sensing without light-jamming


by using four BEM80T small module evaluation camera kits at the same time



Touchless UI Application Experiment


by using BEM80T (850nm) small module evaluation camera kit



Brookman’s CMOS-ToF Depth Sensing Technology Introduction





Sensor model
Optical format
1/2.8 Type
Pixel structure
3-tap gates and a drain gate
Number of pixels
328(H) x 247(V) pixels
ADC resolution
12-bit on-chip
Frame rate
10fps, 30fps (typ.) and 60fps
Readout time
5.6msec (typ.)
Sensor interface
MIPI CSI-2; 2 data and 1 clock lanes
CCI(I2C standard); 2-lane serial interface
Output data rate
Power supply
Power consumption
≦150mW @ 30fps (typ.)
Sensor I/O pins




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