• Image Sensor

    CMOS-ToF Depth Image Sensor

    • Developer: Electronic component manufacturers, Module manufacturers, University and research institutions
    • Applications: ToF camera for small devices, etc.
  • Image Sensor

    8K/4K ultra-high definition, high speed CMOS image sensor

    • Developer: Semiconductor manufacturers, Industrial camera manufacturers, University and research institutions
    • Applications: ENG camera for broadcasting, high-speed and high-definition camera for sports broadcasting, etc.
  • Image Sensor

    Ultra-high sensitivity CMOS image sensor for space monitoring camera

    • Developer: Research institute and Industrial camera manufacturer
    • Application: Camera for use in the spacecraft
  • Image Sensor

    CMOS Image Sensor for High-end Consumer Camera

    • Developer: Semiconductor manufacturers and Consumer product camera manufacturers
    • Applications: High-end digital cameras (for Consumer use)
  • Image Sensor

    Ultra high sensitivity and wide dynamic range CMOS image sensor

    • Developer: Camera module manufacturer, Research institute
    • Application: Surveillance cameras
  • Image Sensor

    Radiation Hardened CMOS Image Sensor

    • Developer: Industrial camera manufacturer, Research institute
    • Applications: Cameras for high radiation environment
  • Image Sensor

    Ultra High Definition Line Scan CMOS Image Sensor for Industrial Instruments

    • Developer: Semiconductor manufacturer
    • Applications: High-definition scanner, etc.
  • Image Sensor

    A Special Image Sensor for X-Ray Detection

    • Developer: Research institute, Medical device manufacturer
    • Application: X-ray detection camera
  • Image Sensor

    Time correlation CMOS image sensor

    • Developer: Industrial camera manufacturer
    • Applications: Industrial inspection cameras
  • Image Sensor

    Wide Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensors for Automotive Application

    • Development requests: Automotive manufacturers, Semiconductor manufacturers
    • Application: Automotive system