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“CMOS Image Sensor”
In order to develop the attractive device, you may always face a lot of complicated trade-offs, such as sensitivity, frame rate, dynamic range, pixel resolution, optical size, power consumption, etc., ….
At such times, you can contact us readily. Brookman Technology will help you to remove or minimize them as far as we can.

CMOS Global Shutter
Global shutter captures “the moment” as an image without any motion blurs. Conventional CMOS sensors remain so-called “reset noise” when the global shutter is activated. Then the image is sadly degraded by the shutter function. Brookman Technology and Shizuoka University have developed a Low-Noise global shutter pixel named “True Snapshot PIXEL (TS-PIXEL)”. Our charge domain TS-PIXEL can remove the reset noise, so as to get a clear image.

Column-parallel A/D Converter

Column paralleled ADC can be an inevitable block for the state of the art CMOS image sensors. In particular, Brookman Technology specialized in cyclic type A/D converter, which achieves high speed, high bit resolution, and low noise performance. This key technology is certainly implemented to our sensors.(*)
(*) We can provide you not only the cyclic type but also the other types of superior performance A/D converter.

Ultra Low Noise technique

High-speed multiple sampling technique can minimize the temporal noise as much as possible. It makes the sensor operate with ultra low noise and high sensitivity.


Brookman Technology provides custom CMOS image sensor design services and products based on your specifications.
Our engineering team can supply innovative and stable solutions with expertise as a design partner.

  ○We can customize specification and performance in CIS:as you like
 pixel structure, size, resolution, frame rate, etc.
○We can deal with various Foundries and process technologies:
 TSMC, UMC, Dongbu,…..and your Fab.
○We can design Read Out IC for any types of sensor:
 MEMS, Invisible Light, etc.

* Sensing method: Indirect ToF with short pulse modulation
      High ambient light tolerance
      Excellent anti motion blur(defect)
* Low noise and low power consumption
* High frame rates up to 60fps


* The World´s First
      Fully featured 8K UHD image sensor
* High speed ( up to 120 fps )  &
      Low power consumption
* On-chip 14 bit A/D convertor


* High speed imaging with High resolution
* Low noise global shutter
* Handy camera system

VGA Type

* 4x larger pixel size than BT130A
* Max. 7200fps high speed imaging
* Pin & function compatible with BT130A


* 19bit@30fps of pixel output by Hyper Bit ADC
* Full-HD color imaging under 0.01Lux
* Japan Made


* 18bit of pixel output by Hyper Bit ADC
* Intra-scene wide dynamic range
* Handy camera system

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