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Dr. Shoji Kawahito

Dr. Satoshi Aoyama

Brookman Technology, Inc., was started in Hamamatsu, Japan in 2006 as Brookman Lab, Inc., by leading expert for CMOS image sensor; Dr. Shoji Kawahito, a Professor in Electrical Engineering at Shizuoka University. Since then, we have been working on many kinds of CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal IC design. Particularly, we specialize in the design of advanced CMOS Image Sensors for a wide range of applications.
Even though we have already had technical expertise, we still strive to pursue leading design, skill and technology. Because, Brookman Technology is challenging and seeking to the field, where nobody can achieve, and where nobody has done before.

Company Name

Brookman Technology, Inc.


February 14, 2006

Chairman, CTO

Shoji Kawahito

President, CEO

Satoshi Aoyama


34 (Oct. 2019)

Head Office

125 Daikumachi, Nakaku, Hamamatsu, 430-0936, Japan


"●" describes "People", "Lens", or "Analog".
"■" expresses "Pixel", "Image Sensor", or "Digital".
We simply attach our mind to polish up each single pixel and each single circuit in a massive chip. This is because we are pursuing the ultimate sensor coming up to the human eye, or more than that.
It is stated that a central space of the symbol formed with "●" and "■" signifies an unlimited potential for our business and technology.

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