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Brookman Technology's Time-of-Flight CMOS image sensor

Key technology

Indirect ToF sensing with Short pulse modulation

Comparison of Continous Wave modulation and Short Pulse modulation

    Merit of Short Pulse Modulation method
  • Decrease Light Source Power Consumption
  • Increase Ambient Light Tolerance
  • Digitally Controlled Light Modulation (Flexibility for light pulse number, width, switching, etc.)

Optimized CMOS-ToF Sensor and Operation

Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression (DALS) with 3-tap pixel CMOS-ToF sensor

ToF measurement with SPM method per frame
(Signal Integration)

Results of In-frame ambient light cancellation by DALS technology

Comparison of Ambient light cancelling Video

In-frame Cancelling by DALS
(BT-ToF cancelling method: SP type)

Cancelling with Consecutive frames
(Conventional cancelling method: CW type)

    Merit of 3-tap structure pixel and optimized operation method
  • High Ambient Light Tolerance (by DALS technology)
  • Minimize Motion Defects (DALS operation works every in-frame)
  • Wide Measurement Range (with in-frame range shift technique)

Playing Ukulele (finger action)
w/o any smoothing filters

Captured by BT008D (QVGA), CMOS-ToF image sensor

Mar. 28. 2019. ::: Revision. 1.0.1

Demo video

BT-ToF Evaluation Camera kit

BEC80T/BEM80T Evaluation camera kit Brochure


Standard camera type

  • Dimension: 116mm x 107mm x 70mm (body)
  • Sensor: BT008D (QVGA)
  • Image resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Measurement range: 0.2m to 5m
  • Frame rate: 10, 30 and 60fps
  • Illumination : 2x VCSEL (850nm)
  • Depth resolution ~1% @ 4m
  • Interface: USB3.0 (Micro-B)
  • Remark: Laser class 1 product

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Mini module type

  • Dimension: 20mm x 70mm x 10mm
  • Sensor: BT008D (QVGA)
  • Image resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Measurement range: 0.2m to 2m
  • Frame rate: 10, 30 and 60fps
  • Illumination : 1x VCSEL (850nm)
  • Depth resolution ~2% @ 2m (T.B.D.)
  • Interface: USB3.0 (Micro-B)
  • Remark: Laser class 1 product

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These evaluation camera kits have been classified as "Engineering Sample (ES)" product,
which were developed for BT-ToF sensor evaluation and demonstration use.

BT008D CMOS-ToF image sensor specification

For depth camera module developers


Specification table

Depth sensing method Indirect ToF with Short pulse modulation
Optical format 1/3 Type
Die size 7.6mm x 6.5mm
Pixel size 16.8µm x16.8µm
Number of pixels 328(H) x 247(V)
ADC resolution 12-bit on-chip
Frame rate Up to 60fps
Acquisition time 28.8msec@30fps, 12.2msec@60fps
Readout time 4.5msec(typ.)
Sensor interface MIPI CSI-2(subset); 2data and 1clock lanes
Input clock frequency 27.8MHz(typ.)
Output data rate 378Mbps
Power supply 3.3V
Power cnsumption ≤150mW @30fps
Sensor I/O pins 47pins
Chip image
  • These typical values might be changed in mass-production.

ToF measurement with SPM method per frame
(Signal Integration)

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Brookman Technology, founded in Hamamatsu (Japan) in 2006, is a supplier of CMOS image sensor products and working on custom sensor design services covering a wide range of markets, such as industrial, scientific, security, professional and consumer products. Our technical domains backed with considerable experience and expertise in 3D depth, High-speed, High-sensitivity and 8K UHD imaging. Brookman's state-of-the-art pixel designs and circuit architectures are implimented in our products.

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