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Brookman Technology's Time-of-Flight CMOS image sensor

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[SPIE. Photonics West 2019] (For Exhibition)
Date: 5 - 7 Feb. 2019
Area: Booth 5160 in Japan Pavilion
Location: The Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, United States.

Key technology

Indirect ToF sensing with Short pulse modulation

Comparison of Continous Wave modulation and Short Pulse modulation

    Merit of Short Pulse Modulation method
  • Decrease Light Source Power Consumption
  • Increase Ambient Light Tolerance
  • Digitally Controlled Light Modulation (Flexibility for light pulse number, width, switching, etc.)

Optimized CMOS-ToF Sensor and Operation

Dynamic Ambient Light Suppression (DALS) with 3-tap pixel CMOS-ToF sensor

ToF measurement with SPM method per frame
(Signal Integration)

Results of In-frame ambient light cancellation by DALS technology

Comparison of Ambient light cancelling Video

In-frame Cancelling by DALS
(BT-ToF cancelling method: SP type)

Cancelling with Consecutive frames
(Conventional cancelling method: CW type)

    Merit of 3-tap structure pixel and optimized operation method
  • High Ambient Light Tolerance (by DALS technology)
  • Minimize Motion Defects (DALS operation works every in-frame)
  • Wide Measurement Range (with in-frame range shift technique)

Playing Ukulele (finger action)
w/o any smoothing filters

Captured by BT008D (QVGA), CMOS-ToF image sensor

Jan. 24. 2019. ::: Revision. 1.0

Demo video

BT-ToF Evaluation Camera kit

BEC80T/BEM80T Evaluation camera kit Brochure


Standard camera type

  • Dimension: 116mm x 107mm x 70mm (body)
  • Sensor: BT008D (QVGA)
  • Image resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Measurement range: 0.2m to 5m
  • Frame rate: 10, 30 and 60fps
  • Illumination : 2x VCSEL (850nm)
  • Depth resolution ~1% @ 4m
  • Interface: USB3.0 (Micro-B)
  • Remark: Laser class 1 product

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Mini module type

  • Dimension: 20mm x 70mm x 10mm
  • Sensor: BT008D (QVGA)
  • Image resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Measurement range: 0.2m to 2m
  • Frame rate: 10, 30 and 60fps
  • Illumination : 1x VCSEL (850nm)
  • Depth resolution ~2% @ 2m (T.B.D.)
  • Interface: USB3.0 (Micro-B)
  • Remark: Laser class 1 product

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These evaluation camera kits have been classified as "Engineering Sample (ES)" product,
which were developed for BT-ToF sensor evaluation and demonstration use.

BT008D CMOS-ToF image sensor specification

For depth camera module developers


Specification table

Depth sensing method Indirect ToF with Short pulse modulation
Optical format 1/3 Type
Die size 7.6mm x 6.5mm
Pixel size 16.8µm x16.8µm
Number of pixels 328(H) x 247(V)
ADC resolution 12-bit on-chip
Frame rate Up to 60fps
Acquisition time 28.8msec@30fps, 12.2msec@60fps
Readout time 4.5msec(typ.)
Sensor interface MIPI CSI-2(subset); 2data and 1clock lanes
Input clock frequency 27.8MHz(typ.)
Output data rate 378Mbps
Power supply 3.3V
Power cnsumption ≤150mW @30fps
Sensor I/O pins 55pins
Type: 100pin-CQFP
Size: 17mm x 17mm
Chip image
  • These typical values might be changed in mass-production.

ToF measurement with SPM method per frame
(Signal Integration)

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Brookman Technology, founded in Hamamatsu (Japan) in 2006, is a supplier of CMOS image sensor products and working on custom sensor design services covering a wide range of markets, such as industrial, scientific, security, professional and consumer products. Our technical domains backed with considerable experience and expertise in 3D depth, High-speed, High-sensitivity and 8K UHD imaging. Brookman's state-of-the-art pixel designs and circuit architectures are implimented in our products.

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